Until recently, a popular recreation and health resort on the shore of the Azov Sea, village Shyrokyne in the Donetsk region (Ukraine) 20 km from Mariupol, with all the attributes of the modern resort: children's camps and sanatoriums, homes and bases of rest. In 2014 the war came to this place and already three years the village of Shyrokyne - a place of constant tension in the armed confrontation in the East of Ukraine. Once a resort village now considered as a strategically important area of ​​defense on the outskirts of the industrial Mariupol city. Almost every day, and the village itself, and its once picturesque neighborhoods are mentioned in the daily summaries of the press center of the ATO headquarters as objects of shelling from guns of different caliber. 
At the moment, starting from February 24, 2016, when Shyrokyne was completely liberated by the Ukrainian army from Russian and separatists forces and to this day, this bridgehead is held by the Ukrainian marines. Leaving the village terrorists mined here every street and every house and since then, without interruption, even to the "illusion" of ceasefire, day and night are firing from heavy weapons advanced positions of marines, and literally equal to the ground still quite recently blooming resort on the beach. More than 60% of the buildings in the village are partially or completely destroyed and to date almost all residents have left. 
Mikhail Palinchak photo story Shyrokyne of the marines of Ukrainian army that based on the front line in the village Shyrokyne (Donetsk reg., Ukraine) was published in magazine Focus #1-2 (510) on January 13, 2017
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